*Marshall 1970 100watt Super Lead*

Hot for Teacher(Seymour Duncan 59)stock specs
Unchained(Seymour Duncan JB)mod
Seymour Duncan 59 plus DOD eq boost
Blues Jam(Seymour Duncan JB)mod

*Marshall 1959slp Plexi Reissue*

Feel your love tonight(w/album)(one tube)
Various VH song parts with one tube in the amp
One tube jam w/background music
Doodling around w/Dimarzio PAF (one tube)
Some AC/DC with my sound (one tube)
Unchained with my sound (beginning part) (one tube)
Fools (Ibanez Artist) (stock)
Mean Street (Ibanez Artist) (stock)
Mean Street (w/album in right speaker) Kramer Striker (stock)

*79 Marshall 50watt JMP*
Included in original songs pakage

Mean Street riff with Dimarzio PAF (Marshall 4x12)
Unchained "new version"(Seymour Duncan 59) (No 4x12)
Wankage 1 (Marshall 4x12)
Wankage 2 (Marshall 4x12)
Outta love Again (w/album) Marshall 4x12 (my own vibe)
Blues on Steroids - (Marshall 4x12)
Everybody Wants Some (w/album) Marshall 4x12
Ice Cream Man (w/album) Marshall 4x12
Runnin with the devil (w/album) Marshall 4x12
Panama beginning (completely dry) Marshall 4x12
Panama(Seymour Duncan 59)
Combo with Marshall cab/Greenbacks
Jamies Cryin(combo w/Marshall cab/Greenbacks)
You really got me(Seymour Duncan 59)
Little Guitars 'fool around mix'(Ibanez Artist)
Demo solo(1980 Ibanez Artist)
V H o h o l i c  S o u n d  C l i p s
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